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2013/2014 spring and summer denim fabric trends
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As cotton fabric trends prospective researchers and institutions, Cotton Incorporated has released 2013/2014 spring and summer denim fabric trends, trending topics still outstanding natural, comfortable and creativity. 
Theme one: storm weather 
The key point - the ultimate essence of fashion, popular, that timeless elements from the natural world. 
Inspired by an unknown abyss, is exploration and discovery, healing and lasting damage to the source, all of which exist. In the darkness beneath the clouded the millions of species thriving in another universe, where the hand of man has not yet touched nothing but affected their own choice. After weathered things and human peek at the seaside town, deep valleys folds tells a person's life and experiences as a wooden boat with wave undulating, day deep-year-old years honed its color, etching its appearance. Under deep as Shiba ripples like phosphorescence, above the dark swirling storm Pentium, this polarization is the source of inspiration for fashion and color. Cho dark colors and emotional indigo and sea green wrapped around each other climb. Dressed in a gray gentle calm to turmoil, while violet and orange flash cynical tone for this group injected fresh vitality. 
Theme two: fairy tales 
The key point - a rich cultural heritage is the accumulation of history, fairy tale charm lies in all this into a first simple. 
Focus on the art of writing desk comeback. Owned and reserved for calligraphy, poetry, physical book is becoming a disappearing art. At night, the fairy tale book those beautiful love letters meanders gently pleated to children. Innocent quality prevail over numerous emotional changes render the line. Without full confession of subtlety and thoughtfulness nourish distracted imagination. Poet became muse. They wander in elegant calligraphy, calligraphy gently lead those dreams, inspire ideas are like gushing out of inspiration. Libraries and ancient manuscripts for this group gift color tone. Glowing brownish gray, parchment and vector chrysanthemums blue, pink and moss green, dark and warm each other, creating a neutral faction yet profound combination. 
Theme three: Treat life 
The key point - the most future-fashion must be the most classic manifestation Cowboys found here initially significance. 
With heavy accumulation as the basis, this trend highlights the excessive and fun everywhere. Get them from what you have fun, enjoy the moment and let yourself flourish. Inspired by the light of day and night in Vegas, the bright colors to attract attention. It Remembrance rough ornaments 1980s Dallas scenery. Elvis inspired to look for a mix of street style teenager gift charm. This trend borrow a 1990s urban hip-hop culture deviant. Such a hybrid style complete with a type that had sent focus, intertwined with each other, with denim create an explosive decadence. Bright is the key to this trend, highlighting the yellow, orange and vibrant Zhu lavender lilac, these colors and more dainty pink complement each other, like in the past and the present collide cross. Call the classic blue and soft strokes of color sway this group received a perfect pen.
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