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Jeans in power: the whole body of denim clothing is popular
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This season's spring and summer T station is simply a cowboy ocean, wear a skirt from tailored suits to the hole, there cowboy figure, designers but also for "Jeans" This never left the big man gives fashion spotlight a new vitality. 
If you have not made ​​up his mind what to purchase new clothes, then it would follow one of the latest and most simple principle: choose blue! We are talking not kick the tires to wear a denim shirt or denim trousers, but her body wearing a cowboy! 
Distressed wear 
This summer is the biggest trend Distressed denim wear campaigns. Marques'Almeida indigo fashion duo, so completely fascinated by fashion editors wear tattered flash. 
These burrs casual fringed stretch indiscriminately in all directions with, or just simply bowed, gave the original to bring a hint of tough denim soft and elegant. Marios Schwab, Ashish other brands have also joined the ranks of tattered denim side.
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