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Shanghai International Jeans Garment Exhibition 2014
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Show Introduction 
Jeans, the English called "Jeans", 19 1960s, originated in the United States. 1970s was introduced to China. Today, China's industrial output jeans ranks first in the world, but also the world's largest exporter and consumer countries, known as "the world's cowboy see China" reputation. 
Whether you're own brand of denim apparel manufacturers, brand agents or plants, should take this opportunity, this grand industry setting effort, similar to the "Shanghai International Garment Fair cowboy." Because exposition is very professional cowboy trade show platform, so whether it is a cooperative enterprise or downstream competitors will participate in this exhibition. If absence does not participate, it will miss a foster understanding and to promote new and existing customers to show their best opportunity. 
To promote market liquidity denim apparel products, change "resources" to "economic advantage." The study, scheduled for 12-14 June 2014 held "Jeans Shanghai International Expo" in Shanghai. Cowboys discuss trends, interpret cowboy culture, the exhibition was a cowboy charm, feel the pulse of the market development, "money" machine! 
Scope of Exhibits 
1, denim clothing: denim jacket, jeans, denim jacket, denim skirt, denim shirt, denim clothing, etc.; 
2, Cowboys (cloth) face, accessories: elastic, cotton and silk fabrics (cloth) with yarn, buttons, rivets and other accessories; 
3, supporting the foundry business: dyeing, washing and other OEM and ODM OEM business; 
4, cowboy costumes: cowboy hat, denim bags, shoes and other denim jeans; 
5, denim garment production equipment and related businesses: denim garment sewing, washing, finishing, printing and dyeing, drying, testing, and denim fabric weaving machinery, cutting equipment, marking machines and chemical dyes, washing aids, design software.
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