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Denim by PVfirst visual Denim fabric show in Paris farewell
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December 6 - November 27 and 28, the first visual Denim Denim by PV exhibition held in Paris last term exhibition, after the move to Barcelona. The Paris bid farewell to the show attracted 3,202 visitors (up 20 percent). Breaking a new record. 
November 27 and 28, the first visual denim Denim by PV Exhibition Exhibition held in Paris last term, after which the move to Barcelona. The farewell show attracted 3,202 visitors, an increase of 20%, which also makes the show broke the record in November 2012 to reach the 2676 audience. 
It makes the show organizers can "Fengfengguangguang" to leave France. The first visual company, "said the first visual cowboy show the world once again proved that it is essential to meeting the protagonist denim industry event." 
The exhibition visitors 75% are from overseas markets. Western Europe accounted for 71% of the total number of visitors, which grew 28% in Belgium, the United Kingdom increased by 13%, Germany 10% increase in growth of 9% in Italy, France, an increase of 11%. Organizers point out again return to Spain (up 7%) and Portugal (24% increase) audience. Outside Europe, Tunisia (up 58%), Morocco (up 62 percent) and the United States (up 8%) viewers have increased. Turkey, the largest increase, while in the Middle East accounted for 14% of all the audience. 
After the first day of the exhibition organizers announced that it will move to Barcelona was held. Professionals interviewed a mixed reaction to this news has said that excitement, but also said it does not matter. 89 exhibitors this year, many people have mentioned Barcelona relative to the Paris air traffic as well as more convenient accommodations convenient. Philippe Pasquet, president of the first visual to FashionMag said, "We believe that finding a place in line with the denim industry is very important, so we investigated other European cities."
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